Art Exhibits

The Sunderland Public Library offers bi-monthly art exhibits in the library’s Lane Family Reading Room. These exhibits feature local artists displaying works of a variety of mediums. The Lane Family Reading Room Gallery offers approximately 37 linear feet of wall space and adjacent open shelves.

Currently on Display:

Lane Family Reading Room Gallery
Whitney Robbins’ exhibit “Akin 2” in the Lane Family Reading Room Gallery, March – April 2017
Whitney Robbins' exhibit "Akin 2"

The Trustees of the Sunderland Public Library are continually seeking applications from artists to display their work in the gallery. Work that shows diverse mediums and viewpoints are encouraged.

Applications must include:

  1. Artist’s name and contact information (including email address)
  2. Description of the artwork
  3. Digital images (.jpg, .png, or .pdfs are accepted) or high quality color photocopies of the artwork
  4. A brief biographical paragraph
  5. Months the artist is available to exhibit their work

Applications may be submitted at the library in person, by mail, by email, or using the online form below.

Mailing Address:
Sunderland Public Library
20 School Street
Sunderland, MA 01375

Email Address:

Each artist should view the gallery before submitting their application. For more information about applying, please read our Art Exhibit Policy.

The library does not endorse the viewpoints or artistic expression of exhibitors, and will not disallow exhibits because of controversial content or because of the beliefs or affiliations of those whose work is represented. Please note that at times the Trustees may approve other activities or programs that may have an art exhibit component.



    You will receive a response by email within three business days. If you do not hear back by then, please contact the library at 413-665-2642.