Library of Things Collection

Sunderland Public Library is pleased to offer a collection of useful items for our patrons to borrow. These items allow patrons access to explore technology, tools, and other enrichment items. This collection is constantly growing. We encourage you to stop by the library to see what we have to offer.

Things you can borrow include:

Please keep in mind:

  • Things must be picked up and returned to the circulation desk at Sunderland Public Library. They may not be returned in our bookdrop or at any other library.
  • Things may only be reserved four hours in advance of pick up by calling the library at 413-665-2642. We cannot make reservations further in advance.
  • You must return Things for at least 24 hours before you may borrow them again.
  • You must sign our Library of Things Release or Technology Release before borrowing items from the Adult Library of Things collection for the first time. Some specialty items like Kayaks have separate policies that must be signed. A release does not need to be signed for items that are part of the Children’s collection (such as sensory toys and launchpads) or Young Adult collection (such as ukuleles or calculators). Please ask staff for assistance if you are unsure which items are part of which collection.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to borrow items from the Adult Library of Things collection.