Summer Reading

Happy Summer! You are invited to join the Sunderland Public Library on a reading adventure. We have programs for Youth (ages 0 -10) and Young Adults (ages 11 -18).

Submit your reading log online: Youth or Young Adult

Youth Summer Reading Program

Children ages 0 -10 are invited to participate in our Summer Reading Program “Read, Renew, Repeat!” This program runs for seven weeks: June 17th – August 3rd. Each week that you read one hour or more you’ll be entered into the weekly raffle for local gift cards and other great prizes.

Adopt an Elephant: This year, each child who signs up for the Summer Reading Program will “adopt” an elephant stuffed animal. Each child will get a bag with their elephant, an adoption certificate, and information on how to care for their elephant. We encourage children to read to their elephant for 15 minutes per day, four days per week to meet the summer reading challenge and earn their chance to be entered into the weekly raffle.

Complete 7 hours of reading this summer to finish the challenge and receive an ice cream gift certificate! What counts as reading?  Being read to, reading to someone, reading to yourself, audiobooks, magazines, eBooks, graphic novels, books from home, and anything else you can think of.  As long as you are enjoying stories it counts!  

You can track your reading using our paper forms or our simple online form.

Special Events