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John Taylor Photography

It all started when…

 My Grandmother let me “shoot” with her camera in our home town of Gloucester. I think it rarely had film in it, but we had a large supply of Sylvania Blue Dot flash bulbs which made a great burst of light and strong pop. Great fun for a 10 year old. Fast forward about 20 years. I had employment as an in-house “photo guy” for an electronic manufacturer. Later,  after starting a sales and marketing firm we offered photographic services for our clients. 

The journey continues. Today I have the time to again photograph “anything” and share the images with you. I hope you enjoy them and I am available to “capture” certain moments in your life. 

You may see examples at: . The works you see here are from days in the field and are from locations across the USA.

 As mentioned I have been “in” photography for years with good experience and hopefully I’m learning daily. If I can be of any photographic assistance to you please feel free to ask the photographer. – John Taylor